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The Business Problem

Smart businesses know that when it comes to making informed decisions, data is needed to drive success. So with all the solutions on the market, why is accessing data for analytics so complicated? What’s often missing from many Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions are three crucial elements: fast and efficient set-up, ease of use, and compliance with relevant regulations. This results in lengthy warehouse build processes, overly complicated mapping projects, expensive time-to-market traffic jams, not to mention regulation changes that could derail your data project. Customers spend more time and money on the design and build process than on the BI platform itself!

The Joint Solution

Looker and Sesame Software have teamed up to create a solution that keeps your data environment simple, allowing you to build a powerfully fast and effective Reporting Data Warehouse that integrates with your Business Intelligence platform in days, instead of months.

Looker + Sesame Software Combine for Rapid Data Pipelines and Analytics Made Easy

With Looker and Sesame Software, users can go from setting up a fully automated reporting data warehouse to taking action on insights in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional BI solutions. Sesame Software’s Relational Junction product suite provides a powerful, flexible, and scalable reporting database warehouse that requires no coding to pipe and replicate data; Looker creates a robust data exploration environment where users can analyze and share results consistently and reliably using LookML, a SQL-based data modeling language.

Easy Setup

There’s no need for code or schema design when you use Relational Junction – integrate data from over 100 data sources through a point-and-click interface to create a consolidated data store that automatically detects new fields and objects as the underlying data structure changes. Looker also automatically generates a baseline data model based on what’s been pulled through Relational Junction, allowing users to focus on creating new metrics and business logic that matter most to the organization. In addition, Looker users won’t have to worry about broken references and missing fields because Relational Junction retains fields that have been removed in the source system.


A New Level of Data Freshness

Since Looker connects and executes queries directly in the database, all results are fresh and reliable instead of old CSV downloads or stale data stored in-memory that can lead you down the wrong path. Relational Junction incrementally retrieves new data changes from source systems after the initial data system is built to keep the time necessary for updates and inserts at a minimum, instead of refreshing all the data every time.


Secure and Compliance-Ready

Relational Junction meets regulations for FINRA financial institutions, SEC Rule 17a for securities broker-dealers, and HIPAA / FDA regulations for healthcare organizations. Relational Junction provides full incremental backup of all sensitive data. Combine that with Looker’s compliance] with SOC 2 Type 2, deployments in HIPAA-compliant environments, as well as its architecture that leaves data in the database, customers have a data ]analytics] stack that is flexible and scalable, yet still employs enterprise-grade security methods.

Modern Businesses Use Sesame Software and Looker

A modern approach to analytics that can help you get the most out of your data.

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REPORTING– improves reporting by offloading I/O from Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, which avoids runaway queries that interfere with production transactions processing.

DATA WAREHOUSE– simplifies compliance, reporting, and data integration by creating and continuously synchronizing a local data warehouse that perfectly mirrors your Cloud application, as well as database-to-database incremental copy.

INTEGRATION HUB– Connects SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications using powerful SQL interface. Hub-centric integration makes data sharing easy.

COMPLIANCE– provides a backup your data without the use of .CSV files, including custom objects and fields, long text and binary data. Fully compliant with industry standards


    • Port your data to DBMS of your choice, for integration with Looker
    • Automatically create the data model of your SaaS system to local DBMS for Looker to consume
    • Automatically reflect changes to the data model of your SaaS system to local DBMS
    • Bulk loading with patented multi-threaded technology to scale to hundreds of millions of records
    • Incremental loading to conserve API calls in the source application and reduce the load in Looker
    • Adherence to your data security policies and restrictions — none of the data leaves your environment or private cloud

Learn how Relational Junction can enhance the way you use Looker!

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