Sesame Software’s Relational Junction provides Salesforce integration tools that enable you to connect and transform your business. Streamline operations, drive revenue growth, and improve customer relationships by seamlessly flowing data from multiple data sources to your Salesforce data warehouse . Easily access,, replicate and integrate Salesforce data with any data source including adjacent enterprise systems, databases, and custom applications. From basic data loading to real-time integration, Relational Junction simplifies the process by creating and continuously synchronizing an on-premise or Cloud data warehouse that is a perfect mirror of your Salesforce data.

Graphic logo: Relational Junction Sesame Software Instant Data Warehouse

  • Supports hub-centric integration model for efficient data flow
  • Restore Salesforce data, metadata, and relationships quickly, at any level of granularity
  • Provides real-time Integration between 100+ Cloud, on-premise, and custom applications
  • Quickly replicates your Salesforce data for advanced analytics
  • Flexible deployment options within your existing infrastructure – On-Premise or Private Cloud deployment eliminates any privacy concerns
  • Connects to databases, flat files, XML, or API-based applications
  • Standards-based SQL interface for any level of integration complexity


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