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Sesame Software

Sesame Software has recently unveiled brand new website and updated product naming! We have taken the first steps in a major transformation, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these and future updates with you! 

Evolving Product Names:

Moving forward, we will no longer refer to our product as Relational Junction or RJ. While “Relational Junction” holds a special place in our history, we’re moving towards communication that reflects our product’s functionality

Strengthen Your Salesforce Defenses:

We’ve bolstered our Salesforce backup and recovery offerings with new features, including metadata recovery. Learn more about how to safeguard your data and ensure business continuity by contacting your Sales Operations Manager or visiting our website.

What This Means for You:

Your day-to-day experience with Sesame Software won’t change. The core functionality of your current version of Relational Junction remains unchanged. 

More to Come!

This is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Sesame Software. We’re committed to continuously improving and evolving to meet your ever-changing data management needs. Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements coming soon!


The Sesame Software Team