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Sesame Software provides a full archive of your Netsuite data to free up space, move off your org, and more. The possibilities are endless!

NetSuite Data Export

Archiving your NetSuite data can be nerve-wracking.

Sesame Software provides your business with a server export, UI to database record count reconciliation, complete with full documentation, and a database walk-through.

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NetSuite Data Archive

We Easily Export You NetSuite Data

With one-time or trickle feed options, Sesame Software is your data archiving solution!

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How is the Export Delivered?

SQL Server





Oracle ADW


How are the Attachments Delivered?

We deliver the File Cabinet as a separate zip file from the database. This mirrors the folder structure from the File Cabinet in the cloud. Thus, the original files will retain their file formats once the full zip file is unzipped.

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"We had been struggling to replicate Oracle Fusion ERP data into our Data Warehouse server. With help from Sesame, we were able to install the Relational Junction through Oracle Marketplace and configure the application in less than an hour. Thank you, Sesame and Oracle, for helping us achieve our goal."

– Cal/Amp

“Relational Junction has been a fantastic tool. The NetSuite integration was set up in under an hour. The process has been very easy to understand and we feel confident that the low maintenance of this service will save us time, money, and resources. We highly recommend Sesame Software and their solutions!"

– Clickstop

“Relational Junction scored big on all aspects. The automated data connectors ensured minimal manual intervention, freeing up capacity of IT resources to concentrate on other areas within the team. The support team is highly available and they clearly demonstrate an ownership attitude at every stage of the interaction.”

– NortonLifeLock

“We use RJ4SF for bidirectional integration with Oracle – the product works seamlessly. We can now access and update our SF data in Oracle tables, without any concern for underlying compatibilities. Great value to our business, huge savings in development costs.”

– ebrary

"We have been using Relational Junction to replicate our data to Oracle for over 1 year. The algorithms to handle moving data back and forth are very well thought out and don’t require very much tweaking.”

– Dreambuilder

"With the help of the Sesame team, we were able to install the RJ Warehouse application through Oracle Marketplace and configure this application in less than an hour. This is amazing!”

– CalAmp