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Connect Microsoft to OCI with Record Speed

Relational Junction’s cloud-agnostic approach means that you can leverage the different benefits of Microsoft Azure and OCI! Relational Junction migrates even the most complex workloads to cloud, saving you time, resources, and providing the best results.

Flow Chart Data Sources

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Data Warehouse and Integration

Instant reporting data warehouse for multicloud services

Deploy and connect to the cloud of your choice

Setup takes minutes, not months – no coding, data mapping, or maintance required

Integrate data between Cloud applications and any on-premise or Cloud database for robust reporting and analytics

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Data Replication and Migration

Easily migrate data sources to the cloud data warehouse of your choice

Migrate data with no down time or user access interruption

Fastest and most scalable SaaS and on-premise data replication

Multithreaded technology speeds up time to insights by quickly replicating data into any destination

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered before the demo! Be sure to check out our full Q&A section for more information.

Do you have a trial version available?

We do! Sesame Software provides a 2 week trial for on-premise deployment requests. The product is installed on a webinar with our support staff assisting, and you will get relevant training on the spot.

How quickly can your solution be implemented/activated?

Very quickly! You can be up and running within 30 minutes. For the on-premise deployment, you’ll need: 

  • a computer with 16GB RAM and a 4-core processor
  • either Windows or UNIX
  • a UTF-8 character set database
  • The cloud deployment option is set up within hours of signing a contract

Does your solution offer cloud and/or on-premise backup storage options?

Yes, both cloud and/or on-premise backup storage options are offered! We have the only product that offers both on-premise and Cloud deployment for backup and recovery! Also, there is no surcharge for Cloud storage.

Can I deploy from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

Yes! As long as you know the login credentials for all of your sources set up from the Marketplace is a breeze. Check out our listing to learn more!

What platforms can be used to deploy Relational Junction?

Relational Junction is a Java application, which makes it cross-platform! Deployment options include:

  • on-premise servers and personal computers, including Windows, Mac, and UNIX
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • any cloud computing environment where you have access to install Java and Tomcat

What level of auditability does your solution provide for the backup?

The product will send you a daily log showing the records copied per object and whether added, updated, and deleted. There are also reject logs if record-level errors happen. You have access to these logs in the on-premise deployment option.

Trusted by the best in the business! You’re in good company.

Bank of America

"We had been struggling to replicate Oracle Fusion ERP data into our Data Warehouse server. With help from Sesame, we were able to install the Relational Junction through Oracle Marketplace and configure the application in less than an hour. Thank you, Sesame and Oracle, for helping us achieve our goal."

– Cal/Amp

“Relational Junction has been a fantastic tool. The NetSuite integration was set up in under an hour. The process has been very easy to understand and we feel confident that the low maintenance of this service will save us time, money, and resources. We highly recommend Sesame Software and their solutions!"

– Clickstop

“Relational Junction scored big on all aspects. The automated data connectors ensured minimal manual intervention, freeing up capacity of IT resources to concentrate on other areas within the team. The support team is highly available and they clearly demonstrate an ownership attitude at every stage of the interaction.”

– NortonLifeLock

“We use RJ4SF for bidirectional integration with Oracle – the product works seamlessly. We can now access and update our SF data in Oracle tables, without any concern for underlying compatibilities. Great value to our business, huge savings in development costs.”

– ebrary

"We have been using Relational Junction to replicate our data to Oracle for over 1 year. The algorithms to handle moving data back and forth are very well thought out and don’t require very much tweaking.”

– Dreambuilder

"With the help of the Sesame team, we were able to install the RJ Warehouse application through Oracle Marketplace and configure this application in less than an hour. This is amazing!”

– CalAmp

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