Moving data to the cloud can be challenging and can take weeks or months to achieve. Developing an instant reporting data warehouse and integrating multiple data sources are both daunting and impractical for customers without extensive technical backgrounds. 

The Relational Junction Data Management Suite, enables instant data warehousing, data integration, and replication. RJ provides connections to Oracle Cloud applications and more than 100+ other data sources.  After just minutes of setup, RJ replicates all of your data into a high-performance data warehouse.

Maximize the Power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Relational Junction

Relational Junction’s patented multi-threaded technology ensures the fastest possible data movement for data warehousing and integration. In addition, here is no need for third-party consultants to build, implement or upkeep the instant data warehouse. Data is moving within minutes, not the typical weeks or months it takes standard marketplace competitors. This speeds up your time to production and frees up your time to focus on insights. 

This reference architecture shows how to deploy Relational Junction by using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute service. So, connect and load to start replicating data from a multitude of formats and technologies.

Ease of Use 

For example, NetSuite data can easily be extracted directly into ADW by configuring credentials for NetSuite and the ADW database. No data modeling is required. With just one job request, custom fields are automatically created in the database and the entirety of the NetSuite data is ready for extraction. In addition, Relational Junction is ADW certified and you can learn more on how to create a connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using Relational Junction.

Deeper Analytical Insights

By extracting data into ADW, the data can be utilized by Oracle Analytics Cloud and other powerful business intelligence tools in a deeper, more meaningful manner, allowing for greater business insight. As new data becomes available, Relational Junction updates your data warehouse, so your data is always fresh for real-time reporting and analytics.

Try It Today

Are you ready to start moving data in minutes? You can download Relational Junction from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and choose from the following usage options:

Every use case is different. The only way to know if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is right for you is to try it. Therefore, we offer the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or a 30-day free trial. This trial includes a US$300 credit.