Customer Case Study: Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is a grassroots, internationally recognized, non-profit dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation around the world. Founded in 2001 by Australian Tony Kirwan, the organization has rescued hundreds of children from sexual exploitation and kept hundreds more from entering the sex-trade through prevention programs. Destiny Rescue currently operates on the ground in five nations–Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and India—while also maintaining donor offices in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years, Destiny Rescue came to realize that a properly organized and managed data warehouse could make the organization far more effective both in its fundraising efforts and in the coordination of its volunteer activities on the front line of the sex trade.

“Our data infrastructure was almost non-existent prior to this year—it consisted mostly of spreadsheets and Post-it Notes,” explains Nathan Franklin, a web developer who joined Destiny Rescue in 2012 and is now tasked with building out the non-profit’s IT infrastructure.

Destiny Rescue initially turned to an off-the-shelf data management and lead tracking solution but quickly realized that alone wouldn’t be enough. “Our reporting needs are quite complex and it simply couldn’t provide us with an easy way to build reports and extract our data out in a way that makes sense to us,” Franklin explains. “In addition to this, we required a seamless integration to our intranet which is being rolled out to all our staff and volunteers worldwide. Again, without complex coding and API integration, this was not possible.”

“Relational Junction provided us with what we really need for our reporting and integration requirements. Being able to extract our data out on an hourly basis allows us to build and run complex reports that the whole organization are able to see and make sense of.”

– Nathan Franklin, Destiny Rescue

Looking for software tools that could best help them manage donor lists and the data from its rescue operations, Destiny Rescue found the answer with Sesame Software’s Relational Junction suite of data replication, reporting, and integration products. “Relational Junction provided us with what we really need for our reporting and integration requirements,” Franklin says. “Being able to extract our data out on an hourly basis allows us to build and run complex reports that the whole organization are able to see and make sense of.”

Franklin adds that Relational Junction almost immediately created new opportunities for Destiny Rescue to do more with its data. “These solutions range from a complete supporter management system so donors can access and update their crucial data all the way through to providing an app for our Rescue Agents which will assist them in different areas of the rescue process. Having our data easily accessible gives us the flexibility to do what we need to do without the headache of complex integrations.”

Franklin also praised how easy it has been to set-up and run Relational Junction adding, “The documentation provided is pretty easy to follow too with help outline on every command just in case we need them. And if there is an issue, the Sesame support staff are quick to respond and pro-active in notifying us, sometimes before we have noticed there is a problem.”

Because the organization includes people in different countries with limited knowledge of data management, Franklin says Relational Junction for Salesforce’s built-in data replication has proved invaluable.

“It’s always a scary thought when someone clicks one of those ‘Insert’, ‘Update’, or ‘Delete’ buttons in the Apex Data Loader,” he adds. “My heart generally skips a beat or two at the thought of breaking our data so it’s good to know Relational Junction for Salesforce is our failsafe.”

As for the future, Franklin explains that using Relational Junction has created a whole range of possibilities, which Destiny Rescue is only just beginning to realize.

“We will definitely be looking at keeping our partnership with Sesame!”

About Destiny Rescue

Founded in 2001, Destiny Rescue is a faith-based, non-profit with a noble purpose—to identify and rescue children currently enslaved in human trafficking and sexual exploitation. With programs in five countries and donor offices in three more, Destiny Rescue has already saved over 1400 children from sex trafficking and stopped hundreds more at-risk children from becoming sex slaves through prevention programs. It also works to ensure justice for those that have been wronged and strives to raise awareness on a global level about the tens of millions of men, women,and children currently trapped in the deadly grip of sex trafficking. Visit for more information.

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