High-speed data integration plays a key role in helping organizations manage big data. Big data refers to data that is so large, fast, or complex that it can be difficult or even impossible to process using traditional methods. When it comes to big data, it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters most.

Scale Your Business, Scale Your Data

Analyzing big data is crucial for forming insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Because of this, Greenplum is a popular choice for big data customers. The platform offers a powerful combination of massively parallel processing (MPP) databases. Including specific architecture designed to manage large-scale business intelligence workloads.

But scaling and analyzing big data successfully also relies on effective methods of data integration and ingestion. These ensure an accurate data view for decision-making and to provide superior insights.

Growing businesses looking to scale their data by using Greenplum can maximize their data investment by adding Sesame Software’s Relational Junction data management solution to their solution stack. Relational Junction optimizes Greenplum by providing bi-directional high-speed integration and rapid data ingestion with minimal set-up. Not to mention, this empowers Greenplum users to focus on advanced analytics and not their integration projects.

Rapid Data Integration for Superior Insights

Relational Junction starts by building a fully automated data warehouse for Greenplum users. In just minutes, data from different sources and formats can be easily replicated and centralized. Coupled with High-volume data connectors that quickly ingest and integrate data bi-directionally, to and from Greenplum, connecting to a multitude of different databases and applications. In addition, Relational Junction’s unique multi-threaded technology provides the fastest possible data movement and sideways data loading ensures efficient integration processes.

A Solution Stack Built to Scale

Organizations lucky enough to scale their businesses face a new set of challenges because the ability to keep up with their newfound growth is just as important as the growth itself. To stay competitive, businesses need to seize the full value of big data and operate in a data-driven way. Relational Junction takes the work out of warehouse and integration projects. This is done by empowering Greenplum users to focus on making strategic decisions based on their big data insights.

To learn more about how Relational Junction can help you maximize your Greenplum investment, request a demo with the Sesame Team.