February 25, 2021 Sesame Software

The Importance of Streamlined Operations and Accelerated Insights When Using Salesforce for Healthcare

Salesforce for Healthcare is an integral part of CRM operations for many healthcare organizations worldwide. With Salesforce, you gain a complete view of your patients on a unified platform with rich, contextual data allowing for smarter decision-making about patient care and enhanced engagement with patients.

To deliver valuable, consistent, and scalable results from data-driven initiatives, healthcare IT and data professionals must have an intelligent data management solution in place to manage their Salesforce data, as well as data from other sources. It is critical that this solution safeguards valuable business information, reduces the risk of data loss, and ensures regulatory compliance. 

Keep Up with the Changing Pace of Healthcare Operations with a Single Solution
Sesame Software’s patented Relational Junction data management suite provides healthcare organizations with a streamlined solution that protects critical data from any possible data loss scenario and aggregates data into a 360-degree view for superior insights. 

Salesforce Data Integration, Compliance and Analytics, All-In-One
Healthcare organizations capture ever-increasing volumes of highly sensitive private data from multiple sources every day—and all of it needs to be identified, unified, and appropriately protected. To fully manage the lifecycle of this data and comply with government and industry regulations, organizations rely on Relational Junction’s backup and recovery solution for Salesforce – enabling you to accurately govern, back up, recover, and limit access to sensitive data.

Timely access to reliable and trusted data is crucial to enable analytics that aid in significant clinical and operational decisions. Relational Junction’s data integration solution allows you to connect and aggregate all of your data from multiple data sources into a robust reporting data warehouse. Centralizing disparate data into a unified 360-degree view enables you to identify potential areas of risk, proactively manage and improve patient care, and deliver a great customer experience while helping save time and reduce costs.

Relational Junction enables you to:

  • Adhere to HIPAA and adapt to major regulatory reporting and compliance requirements
  • Aggregate data from various data sources into a fully automated data warehouse for data compliance and superior business intelligence
  • Schedule your Salesforce replication cycles on any customized interval you’d like –  replicate your data once a day, in near real-time (within every five minutes), or use the real-time replication option for the highest priority data
  • Visualize data changes over time to identify trends or operational hot spots
  • Deploy in any on-premise or cloud data center, so you control who has access to backups

Want to learn more about how Relational Junction empowers healthcare organizations to turn their data into intelligence, all while making sure it’s properly protected? Request a demo here.

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