February 19, 2019 Sesame Software

Integrating Historical Data/ IT Processes with Modern CRM

Organizations that have been around for any length of time face a new challenge—how to take older but still valuable data and processes residing on legacy IT servers and integrate them with their current information stored on a modern cloud-based CRM platform.

CHG Healthcare, a leader in healthcare staffing and the nation’s largest provider of locum tenens services found their solution to this vexing IT issue with Sesame Software and its Relational Junction suite of replication and integration tools.

“When we started working with Salesforce we realized we needed an integration solution because we had a backend process that we ran on an AS/400, which was really an old application,” explains Steven Keiser, a CHG Healthcare Services Engineering Manager, adding the company initially “Using Relational Junction, we were able to download the data into the SQL servers and then set up what we call ‘getters and setters’ to get data to and from the SQL server and the AS/400 database in a bi-directional flow.”

Relational Junction quickly speeded up CHG Healthcare integration, saving the company the time-consuming task of building Salesforce APIs internally to download data from the cloud to the local SQL database.

Keiser says that as many as 1,000 employees across the country now use reports generated from that integrated data solution, adding Sesame Software’s support team has always been there whenever integration and replication issues arise.

To learn more about how CHG Healthcare found their solution to combining older backend IT processes and content with modern CRM data and analytics with Relational Junction, read the full case study here.

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