January 31, 2018 Sesame Software

When the Cloud has an outage, what is your data recovery plan?

How does your traditional .CSV business continuity solution compare to a near-real time self-replicating database backup of your data? It is always best to do this analysis in advance before you have an interruption in service.

With Relational Junction for Salesforce, you are protected from unforeseen risk. It is is the only solution that enables you to keep a near-real time self-replicating database backup of your data on-premise, which can always be used for reporting, analytics, and data recovery.

Don’t skip a beat! Relational Junction for Salesforce keeps you in sync and ready for your sales and executive meetings by integrating with your existing business reporting, data analytics and iPaaS integration tools.

Learn more about how hundreds of Relational Junction for Salesforce customers have peace of mind knowing their data is backed up, fully recoverable, and easily accessible in the event of an outage or any other data loss crisis.

Don’t wait until you NEED your data to discover the limitations of your current solution!