Relational Junction includes purpose-built fully automated data warehouse solutions for Cloud or API-based data sources, including auto-discovery of new fields and fast, scalable incremental replication. Get your Cloud data in a data warehouse for offline reporting, hub-centric data integration, backup and recovery, or data archival.

Current data warehouse solutions include Salesforce, Pardot, and NetSuite.

Multiple deployment options include on-premise, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other collocated services. Salesforce backup and recovery is offered with either on-premise deployment or hosted in our Cloud Backup and Recovery data center.


Sophisticated analysis of warehouse data replicated from Cloud or API-driven data sources can be done with conventional reporting tools, including complex statistical and trending analysis, data mining, charting, and traditional Business Intelligence. Free yourself from the constraints of reporting technology with a warehouse based on relational technology.


Data Compliance consists of backup, rapid recovery of deleted or corrupted data, and a full audit trail of all changes. Relational Junction is designed to provide a platform for these features across a wide variety of data sources, including Cloud, API-driven, unstructured, document, and traditional databases.


Integrate other databases and applications using the warehouse as a Data Integration Hub. Examples of this include maintaining customer and product data, integrating case management with bug tracking, providing a customer portal. Having all your data in a central repository mitigates the fragility and complexity of point-to-point integration, and eliminates reliance on integration developers needing expertise in multiple technologies.

Relational Junction makes compliance and integration easy