Are you 100% sure you have a safe and reliable recovery plan? Just because you have implemented a back-up plan, will it be a simple feat to recover and restore your data? What kind of recovery and data protection does Salesforce offer? 

Many of us have been shocked and disappointed when the inevitable happens. It’s no secret that all companies at one time or another have outages, operating system failures, human errors, and lost or corrupt data. For a complete fault tolerant disaster recovery plan, companies are now depending on sophisticated solutions to protect valuable corporate information. 

Relational Junction for Salesforce provides backup & recovery for Salesforce customers who want a simple, secure, backup and recovery system that is fully scalable. Perform point-in-time recovery of deleted or corrupted data with parent-child and recursive relationships. 


Job-threatening scenarios involving data loss or corruption can happen to anyone, and can cost your company serious loss of customers, future business, or operational capabilities. To prevent this, Relational Junction for Salesforce can help you to:

  • Never lose any data
  • Recover deleted or corrupted data to any point in time
  • Backup all your Salesforce data, including all versions of all records if needed
  • Restore exactly what you lost without destroying other data that was added after the point
  • Have responsive support with 7 x 24 x 365 availability for immediate technical assistance

Relational Junction for Salesforce gives you an incremental, versioned backup with unlimited recovery ability. Enjoy peace of mind — and better job security — knowing that your Salesforce data is not only backed-up, but recoverable!


Sesame Software offers On-premise and Cloud-based backup solutions for that can be customized to suit your business needs. On-demand professional services are provided to perform any type of recovery needed. Relational Junction for Salesforce enables recovery of any field in any record to any point in time, once the backups have started, including the option of a complete data restore. Sesame Software will perform a time-based incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record so that we can recover any data back to any point in time. 

On-Premise Deployment Features

  • backup and recovery
  • Data warehouse for reporting
  • Data integration to cloud and on-premise data sources
  • Installation and initial configuration included
  • Product training included
  • 7x24x365 email and phone support included

Cloud Deployment Features

  • backup and recovery
  • Turnkey solution with no customer administration required
  • Sesame professional services for data recovery included
  • Daily email reports of backup activity, including record counts
  • No reporting access to the data
  • No data integration capability

                                                                                                                                      BACKUP & RECOVERY FEATURES

Data Retention: Relational Junction has unique features that make it the only effective compliance solution available for customers, ensuring full audit and recoverability of change history and deleted records. Relational Junction provides an on-site database backup of all of your Salesforce data via an efficient and frequent incremental data replication process.

Performance: Patent-pending multi-threaded operation yields replication speeds of over 125,000 records per minute on the right hardware and network. This is 10 times as fast as the Salesforce Bulk API.

Low Salesforce API Footprint: Salesforce API calls are monitored and limited on a daily basis. Incremental or Full: Incremental. 1 API call per 1,000 records.

No Design or Data Mapping: The warehouse is automatically built and managed when changes occur in your Salesforce schema. Setup takes minutes. Both the software and your database are on-premise, so there are no concerns about off-site data storage or external web services that could compromise your data security.

Data Never Deleted: Relational Junction never physically removes database records – all such records are flagged as deleted and kept permanently in the database. Relational Junction is the only product that ensures proper auditing of deleted records, including the user and time deleted – even if the recycle bin is emptied, the recycle bin “fills up”, or records age out of the recycle bin. Offsite data retention can be achieved using conventional database tape backups. This allows you to restore any amount of deleted data, including the entire hierarchy of an account with its contacts, opportunities, and related data – without significant preparation and with all relationships intact. Even fields that have been permanently removed from can be easily restored. You never have to reload a database table, so your history is never corrupted.

Incremental or Full: Incremental. 1 API call per 1,000 records.

Backup Retention: Many companies have audit requirements that demand periodic snapshots of their data, or versioning of specific changes of data. Federal regulations require that every version of selected record types be maintained. Changes can be logged in the database to keep all versions of selected record types. Relational Junction optionally creates a history table without unique indexes for every primary table. This history table contains the prior image of every record before the main primary table is updated, giving you a complete audit trail and a point-in-time recovery capability.

Scalability: United States Patent 8,122,040 enables replication of massive amounts of data by breaking down the replication process into smaller data sets by ranges of time stamps in the source data. Handles query timeouts on large datasets on the initial load or if many records are changed between replication cycles. Otherwise, Salesforce queries of > 1 million records will time out. Sesame has filed 4 patents on parallel scalability techniques employed in the product for massive performance making it much faster than the Bulk API. No other vendor can do that. Largest customer has over 150 million records in a single object.

Recovery of Hierarchically Related Data: United States Patent 8,375,010 provides a way to create or recover related records in the database and replicate them to in one pass with the parent-child relationships intact. This makes it possible to recover or clone an entire Salesforce org. Database triggers and supporting indexes that are generated ahead of time (United States Patent 8,745,029) are knowledgeable of the relationships in the data model, and look for related records with the old key, updating the key values where found before the child table is loaded. No other vendor can do that.

Reporting: Status reports emailed to you on a daily basis.

Secure Connection: Data is transmitted via https secure protocol.

Secure Data Transfer: All data transferred using SSL encryption.


Point-in-Time Recovery for Salesforce

Customizable recovery makes it possible to select records in the Salesforce Warehouse or Salesforce History for recovery by restoring the oldest record before a specified point in time. Selection criteria can be filtered by Last Updated User or any other criteria as well, preventing good data from being overwritten. Individual fields can also be selected instead of the entire record, ensuring that only corrupted fields are overwritten by the recovery.


Time-Segmented Incremental Versioned Database

Relational Junction is the only product that can handle unlimited data volumes with it's patented time-segmentation process, and uses patented parallel read-write processes to achieve blazing speeds. Unique history tracking makes a copy of the warehouse record before the record is updated by the Salesforce to Warehouse replication. This can be turned on for all objects with a single check box.

Discover a safer and more reliable back-up and recovery solution