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Scalable Reporting Data Warehouse

Replication of data for robust integration and analytics is a growing need for most organizations. Business intelligence activities drive the evolution of data flow and data warehouses exist to facilitate the understanding and improvement of their organization’s performance. Finding a complete set of tools that allow you to customize data management, analytics, and BI reporting to suit your needs in near-real time can be difficult.

Tableau is an industry leading platform which extends the value of your data across your entire organization by providing end-to-end data analytics. Tableau allows you to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience.

When used in conjunction with Tableau, Sesame Software’s Relational Junction patented multi-threaded data replication technology increases the speed of your data integration, improving productivity and maximizing your business investment. Whether you’re keeping your data on-premise or in the cloud, Sesame Software gives you the flexibility to integrate into your existing data infrastructure, as well as the ability to fully back up and recover your data.


Relational Junction provides a powerful, flexible, and scalable reporting data warehouse, allowing you to develop actionable reports using Tableau. There is no need to spend months designing your warehouse and data mapping. In minutes, you can build a local relational database from your Cloud or on-premise application in the original structure. There is no need to export data to CSV files and build scripts to load it to Tableau. The schema creation and data loading is entirely automated, including schema changes and timestamp-based incremental copy.


    • Port your data to DBMS of your choice, including analytic DBMS such as Tableau
    • Automatic creation of the data model of your cloud schema in Tableau
    • Automatic updates of your Tableau schema when application product updates occur or custom fields are added
    • Near real-time replication with full restart capability so all jobs restart from where they left off, even if a load is aborted
    • Bulk loading with patented multi-threaded technology to scale to hundreds of millions of records
    • Incremental loading to conserve API calls in the source application and reduce load in Tableau
    • Granular selections of objects and data, through filters
    • Protects valuable data with fully recoverable backups
    • Adherence to your data security policies and restrictions — none of the data leaves your environment or private cloud, eliminating concerns about your integration vendor having access to your data in-stream or at rest

Learn how Relational Junction can enhance the way you use Tableau!

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