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Cloud-Based Data Warehouse Solution
for Cloud and On-Premise

Snowflake is the industry leading Cloud-based data warehouse platform providing scalable, elastic architecture that enables rapid analytics and data-driven insights for business users. Having all of your Cloud and on-premise application data available in a Snowflake Data Warehouse exponentially increases the business value of your data.

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder is a powerful solution that simplifies the process of building your Snowflake Data Warehouse. Relational Junction allows you to bypass tedious and costly build and maintenance processes, making your Snowflake Warehouse actionable in just minutes. This patented technology offers near real-time replication for Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and other Cloud applications, as well as on-premise databases, delivering your data rapidly for reporting and analytics.


There is no need to spend months designing your warehouse and data mapping. In minutes, you can build a Snowflake schema that has all data in your Cloud or on-premise application in the original structure. There is no need to export data to CSV files and build scripts to load it to Snowflake. The schema creation and data loading is entirely automated, including schema changes and timestamp-based incremental copy.

Relational Junction also simplifies reporting, integration, and backup and recovery of your data.

    • Multifaceted solution that combines Replication, ETL and Data Warehousing
    • Rapid data warehouse implementation– no need to spend months designing your warehouse, creating target tables or data mapping
    • No need to hire a data migration company to build out the ETL and end tables
    • Seamlessly connects to 100+ data sources
    • Integrates between Cloud, on-premise and custom applications
    • Supports nearly any relational database including Snowflake, MySQL, and Oracle
    • Patented hyper-threaded technology scales to hundreds of millions of records for fastest possible data movement
    • Fully compliant with industry mandates
      • HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC Rule 17A, GDPR, FINRA


    • Automatic creation of the data model of your cloud schema in Snowflake
    • Automatic updates of your Snowflake schema when application product updates occur or custom fields are added
    • Configurable selection of all or specific objects
    • Near real-time replication with full restart capability so all jobs restart from where they left off, even if a load is aborted
    • Incremental loading to conserve API calls in the source application and reduce load in Snowflake
    • Data versioning for auditing and historical trend analysis

Learn how Relational Junction can enhance the way you use Snowflake!

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