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Cloud-based Data Warehouse Solution for Cloud and On-Premise

Business intelligence activities drive the evolution of data flow within any organization. Data warehouses exist to facilitate the understanding and improvement of their organization’s performance.

Snowflake is a Cloud-based data warehouse platform providing scalable, elastic architecture for extremely high performance reporting needs. Having all of your Cloud and on-premise application data available in a Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse exponentially increases the business value of your application data.

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder offers near real-time replication for Salesforce, MS Dynamics, other Cloud applications, as well as the ability to copy on-premise databases to a Snowflake data warehouse.


There is no need to spend months designing your warehouse and data mapping. In minutes, you can build a Snowflake schema that has all data in your Cloud or on-premise application in the original structure. There is no need to export data to CSV files and build scripts to load it to Snowflake. The schema creation and data loading is entirely automated, including schema changes and timestamp-based incremental copy.

Relational Junction also simplifies reporting, integration, and backup and recovery of your data.

    • Reporting is improved by offloading I/O from Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, which avoids runaway queries that could kill production transactions processing. Data warehouses provide an opportunity to restructure data for optimal query access
    • Integration Hub – a central repository for common data that can be more easily shared among applications than point-to-point integration


    • Automatic creation of the data model of your cloud schema in Snowflake
    • Automatic updates of your Snowflake schema when application product updates occur or custom fields are added
    • Automatic updates of your Tableau schema when application product updates occur or custom fields are added
    • Near real-time replication with full restart capability so all jobs restart from where they left off, even if a load is aborted
    • Bulk loading with patented multi-threaded technology to scale to hundreds of millions of records
    • Incremental loading to conserve API calls in the source application and reduce load in Snowflake
    • Granular selections of objects and data, through filters and user configuration
    • Protects valuable data with fully recoverable backups
    • Fully recoverable backups of your data
    • Adherence to your data security policies and restrictions — none of the data leaves your environment or private cloud, eliminating concerns about your integration vendor having access to your data in-stream or at rest

Learn how Relational Junction can enhance the way you use Snowflake!

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