Relational Junction Special Edition for QuickBooks provides a highly customizable integration with Salesforce. Sesame’s professional services team will implement and customize field mapping and integration logic to match your needs and accounting best practices.

  • Provides a customizable integration between and QuickBooks
  • Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions
  • QuickBooks Professional, Premier and Enterprise Editions
  • The replication process is fully restartable
  • Data exceptions are reported until resolved by fixing the original problem, your orders will always be invoiced
  • Includes professional services for the implementation and customization to your business

Data Integration / Replication Features

Follows Proper Accounting Principals

Ensures proper business processes and data ownership

  • Sales Originates Sales Orders or Invoices
  • Sales can update Sales Orders but not Invoices
  • Finance can update either Sales Orders or Invoices

Ensures proper accounting controls

  • Integration processes designed for maximum reliability
  • Scheduled or on-requestReposting of errors when corrected
  • Exception logging
  • All data or operational errors logged in email
  • User correction to resolve data issues via email links to problematic data

Supports Key Business Objectives

  • Maintenance of products and pricing in QuickBooks ensures finance control over the product list and pricing
  • Creation of new customers in QuickBooks when first financial transactions happen
  • Creation of invoices or sales orders in QuickBooks
  • Selection logic can be customized to use any criteria
  • Requires no custom fields in Salesforce
  • Supports account dynamics integration logic
  • Allows custom address fields that conform to QuickBooks standard, including bill-to and ship-to on the invoice that can be different than the customer address
  • Allows Posting of customer or transaction summary data back to Salesforce account (e.g.: credit and balance information)
  • Customized open source integration logic included

Fully Adapted to your Business Model

  • Customizable selection criteria
  • Custom fields supported but not required
  • Bi-Directional
  • Allows posting of customer or transaction data back to Salesforce account and opportunity
    (e.g.: credit and balance information)
  • Highly configurable with open source integration logic. The only product that supports this level of customization

Integration Custom-Fit to your Business

  • Salesforce account created as QuickBooks customer when first opportunity reaches a configurable stage
  • Update Salesforce accounts when changes are made in QuickBooks
  • Create estimates, sales orders or invoices in QuickBooks when opportunities reach a configurable stage
  • Update Salesforce opportunities when changes made to estimates or sales orders

Create in Salesforce and Auto Synced to QuickBooks:

Creation of customers in QuickBooks based on an account’s having its first opportunity reach a configurable stage

Updating of selected information in Salesforce accounts when changes are made in QuickBooks

Creation of financial transactions in QuickBooks when opportunities reach a configurable stage

Integration will support creation of sales orders or invoices, depending on which QuickBooks version is used

This solution is highly configurable, and the customization is included in the implementation


Uses simple SQL transforms instead of confusing proprietary scripting language

Allows any SQL construct, including table joins and unions

Offers smart insert / update using unique keys in target table

Does not constrain functionality with drag-and-drop interface limitations

Automatic timestamp filtering

Handles time zone changes between databases

Enables bolt-on business processing with database triggers and function

Fault Tolerant

Captures and logs rejected records

Restarts at point of failure

Allows immediate termination at point of failure or bypass error and continue with error logging

Reports extensive load statistics

Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership

Hardware: 4-core 8GB RAM standalone server

Minimal training and support needed


  • Java provides complete cross-platform support for all UNIX 64-bit (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM, etc.) and Windows 64-bit platforms. Java is compiled once and will work on virtually all hardware platforms without the need for platform-specific modifications, meaning that all of our customers have the exact same distribution.
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for Java, that defines how a client may access a database. Relational Junction's JDBC interface with drivers from database and third party vendors is what gives it the ability to access on-premise relational databases, cloud databases, unstructured data, and API-driven applications.

Operating Systems


ETL Data Integration & Replication Products 

Relational Junction for Salesforce (Limited Edition) and
Relational Junction: Special Edition for Quickbooks

  • Functionality supports QuickBooks integration only
  • May not be purchased separately
  • Enabled on Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions

Add-on Software and Required Interfaces

  • The Oracle Java client is a freely distributed product
  • The Web interface requires a J2EE application server, such as the freely distributed Apache Tomcat. Jboss and other J2EE web containers are also acceptable

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