Relational Junction Special Edition for QuickBooks provides a highly customizable integration with Salesforce. Sesame’s professional services team will implement and customize field mapping and integration logic to match your needs and accounting best practices.

  • Provides a customizable integration between and QuickBooks
  • Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions
  • QuickBooks Professional, Premier and Enterprise Editions
  • The replication process is fully restartable
  • Data exceptions are reported until resolved by fixing the original problem, your orders will always be invoiced
  • Includes professional services for the implementation and customization to your business

Data Integration / Replication Features

Follows Proper Accounting Principals

Ensures proper business processes and data ownership

  • Sales Originates Sales Orders or Invoices
  • Sales can update Sales Orders but not Invoices
  • Finance can update either Sales Orders or Invoices

Ensures proper accounting controls

  • Integration processes designed for maximum reliability
  • Scheduled or on-requestReposting of errors when corrected
  • Exception logging
  • All data or operational errors logged in email
  • User correction to resolve data issues via email links to problematic data

Supports Key Business Objectives

  • Maintenance of products and pricing in QuickBooks ensures finance control over the product list and pricing
  • Creation of new customers in QuickBooks when first financial transactions happen
  • Creation of invoices or sales orders in QuickBooks
  • Selection logic can be customized to use any criteria
  • Requires no custom fields in Salesforce
  • Supports account dynamics integration logic
  • Allows custom address fields that conform to QuickBooks standard, including bill-to and ship-to on the invoice that can be different than the customer address
  • Allows Posting of customer or transaction summary data back to Salesforce account (e.g.: credit and balance information)
  • Customized open source integration logic included

Fully Adapted to your Business Model

  • Customizable selection criteria
  • Custom fields supported but not required
  • Bi-Directional
  • Allows posting of customer or transaction data back to Salesforce account and opportunity
    (e.g.: credit and balance information)
  • Highly configurable with open source integration logic. The only product that supports this level of customization

Integration Custom-Fit to your Business

  • Salesforce account created as QuickBooks customer when first opportunity reaches a configurable stage
  • Update Salesforce accounts when changes are made in QuickBooks
  • Create estimates, sales orders or invoices in QuickBooks when opportunities reach a configurable stage
  • Update Salesforce opportunities when changes made to estimates or sales orders

Create in Salesforce and Auto Synced to QuickBooks:

  • Creation of customers in QuickBooks based on an account’s having its first opportunity reach a configurable stage
  • Updating of selected information in Salesforce accounts when changes are made in QuickBooks
  • Creation of financial transactions in QuickBooks when opportunities reach a configurable stage
  • Integration will support creation of sales orders or invoices, depending on which QuickBooks version is used
  • This solution is highly configurable, and the customization is included in the implementation


  • Uses simple SQL transforms instead of confusing proprietary scripting language
  • Allows any SQL construct, including table joins and unions
  • Offers smart insert / update using unique keys in target table
  • Does not constrain functionality with drag-and-drop interface limitations
  • Automatic timestamp filtering
  • Handles time zone changes between databases
  • Enables bolt-on business processing with database triggers and function

Fault Tolerant

  • Captures and logs rejected records
  • Restarts at point of failure
  • Allows immediate termination at point of failure or bypass error and continue with error logging
  • Reports extensive load statistics

Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership

  • Hardware: 4-core 8GB RAM standalone server
  • Minimal training and support needed


  • Java provides complete cross-platform support for all UNIX 64-bit (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM, etc.) and Windows 64-bit platforms. Java is compiled once and will work on virtually all hardware platforms without the need for platform-specific modifications, meaning that all of our customers have the exact same distribution.
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for Java, that defines how a client may access a database. Relational Junction's JDBC interface with drivers from database and third party vendors is what gives it the ability to access on-premise relational databases, cloud databases, unstructured data, and API-driven applications.

Operating Systems


ETL Data Integration & Replication Products 

Relational Junction for Salesforce (Limited Edition) and
Relational Junction: Special Edition for Quickbooks

  • Functionality supports QuickBooks integration only
  • May not be purchased separately
  • Enabled on Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions

Add-on Software and Required Interfaces

  • The Oracle Java client is a freely distributed product
  • The Web interface requires a J2EE application server, such as the freely distributed Apache Tomcat. Jboss and other J2EE web containers are also acceptable

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