Customer Case Study: Paychex


  • The API used to generate reports is slow and cumbersome, especially with our data volumes
  • Difficulty in finding people with technical abilities in SOAP, Web Services, and knowledge of Salesforce API, which are all required to write applications directly against
  • CRM integration of different platforms continues, and the volume of data increases over time
  • Bi-directional functionality required to support future migrations of data to Salesforce
  • A strategic replacement of home-grown application needed to replace daily feeds to Salesforce
  • Need ability to support drill-downs or merging with data warehouse relational data stores
    Salesforce reporting not adequate



  • Relational Junction for Salesforce for replication
  • Relational Junction ETL Manager for replication
  • data replication to a relational database
  • Custom integration using Relational ETL with existing custom and package solutions., using the Relational schema as a bridge.


  • Consistent view of customer data in internal systems an in
  • Flexibility to plug in best of breed applications as well as home-grown systems
  • Minimal investment in resources
  • Rock-stable and reliable integrated systems.