Customer Case Study: goAuPair

Salesforce & QuickBooks ETL Data Integration & Replication


  • Unique business needs – goAUPAIR ( provides au pairs from foreign countries to American host families.
  • Replace a home-grown system that ran the entire business with, QuickBooks and new custom-coded portals
  • Implement new functionality over a 6 month period to allow a small IT staff to manage the process in stages, living in both systems during the rollout.
  • Provide a consistent view of customer data that allows complex reporting for government audits
    Replace QuickBooks integration developed by a company that went out of business.



  • Relational Junction
  • Convert legacy data to through the Relational Junction warehouse using Relational Junction ETL
  • Provide an architecture platform (Relational Junction warehouse) to allow host families, local area representatives and international representatives to access/update data thru custom developed portals
  • Integrate with legacy system during rollout using both Relational Junction ETL and replication technologies
  • Two-way integration for QuickBooks accounting system where all credit card charges are performed


  • Complete data migration in 2 months
  • On-site back up and accessibility of all data
  • 1-year migration of legacy functions to, living out of both systems seamlessly
  • Consistent view of Salesforce data in a local database accessible by thousands of remote customers and business partners.
  • Enable updates from portals to be posted to
    Up and running QuickBooks integration.