Customer Case Study: Business Objects


  • Reporting system developed using internal resources was unreliable, lacked internal technical support, and used obsolete API version
  • This vendor wanted to use their own BI tools on data
  • Integrations with legacy SFA systems developed using internal resources were unreliable, lost data, and jeopardized lead generation. Leads routinely lost or misrouted to wrong sales reps.
  • Conversion of massive amounts of legacy data for new rollout had to be done in one weekend, reliably and accurately, with no data loss
  • Multiple integrations with PeopleSoft and marketing databases required
  • Territory realignment and data cleansing
  • Powerful lead routing required that was far beyond what lead assignment offered


  • data replication to Oracle database with Relational Junction for Salesforce
  • ETL from web lead system to feed 5,000 new leads a day into
  • ETL from PeopleSoft into Relational Junction database for lead assignment metadata
  • ETL from PeopleSoft HR system to create all users
  • Integration with OneSource marketing database to add demographic fields to new leads
  • Back-end database programming for bolt-on functionality, including lead assignment, lead scoring, territory management


  • 2,000 users up and running in two rollouts (Americas in 2005, EMEA in 2007)
  • Consistent view of Salesforce data in a reporting database that is current within 5 minutes
  • Able to use their own reporting products
  • Entire company uses data in an integrated, seamless manner
  • Sophisticated lead management capabilities developed in days, including matching to existing accounts, territory and sales rep assignments

Successful implementation of:

  • Data Integration
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Sales Reporting
  • Lead Management