A Message from CEO and Founder Rick Banister I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that Cloud backup services for applications such as Salesforce.com have become a new solution category. Our customers have been backing up and recovering their Salesforce data for twelve years now with Relational Junction for Salesforce
Sesame Software completed its acquisition of J-Stels, a Russian vendor of XML, CSV, dBase, and Microsoft Access JDBC drivers. This not only gives Relational Junction ETL Manager the capability of reading from and writing to all these data sources, but software developers can now buy the drivers directly for use in
Sesame Software released Relational Junction ETL Manager 5.0 today, announcing many new product features for this ETL platform, including multi-tenant operation, background submission of jobs, an entirely redesigned user interface, and the ability to add new data sources with custom adaptors.
Sesame Software released Relational Junction for Salesforce 5.3 today, announcing massive parallel bi-directional replication. Results of this major upgrade are the ability to copy one million records in ten minutes, either from or to Salesforce.com. This performance is even better than Salesforce.com’s Bulk API, and not subject to the volume
Sesame Software released Relational Junction for Salesforce 4.2 with the Real Time Option today, providing real-time bi-directional replication for Salesforce.com. This option enables organizations to build a customer-facing customer portal to immediately reflect all changes between Salesforce.com and the back-end database. Many customers have built customer facing web sites using Relational Junction
Sesame Software releases Relational Junction 3.5, providing all Relational Junction products with a single web user interface. Users who are familiar with the command-line interface of Relational Junction for Salesforce are able to continue with the familiar environment while others can use the web interface for administration. The platform can
Sesame Software released Relational Junction for NetSuite today, providing bi-directional data replication for NetSuite data. The new product follows in the footsteps of the company’s successful line of Relational Junction products that include Relational Junction for Salesforce and Relational Junction Special Edition for QuickBooks. Relational Junction for NetSuite is an Enterprise class
Sesame Software released the full bi-directional capabilities of Relational Junction for Salesforce at Salesforce.com's "Integrationforce Day" event in San Francisco. Business Objects sponsored a booth at this event showing Bay Area companies how they were able to use Relational Junction to integrate Salesforce.com with internal sales and marketing systems, migrate their
Sesame Software announced today a new data replication product for Salesforce.com, Relational Junction for Salesforce. The first customer, Business Objects, deployed Relational Junction for Salesforce to create a corporate data warehouse of their Salesforce.com data, allowing them to run the BusinessObjects XI business intelligence product on their Salesforce data. This first-generation
Sesame Software announced today a new data integration product, Relational Junction ETL Manager. The first customer, ebrary, deployed Relational Junction ETL Manager to upgrade its 36 GB customer operational database from Oracle 8 to Oracle 9 with only a 10 minute downtime.