Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

Backup and Recovery solution for that can be customized to suit your business needs

Sesame Software’s customers have been backing up and recovering their Salesforce data since 2004 with Relational Junction. Using their own internal servers has given them the ability to handle not only their data compliance issues, but to use that data for reporting and as a data integration hub. Many customers do not need on-premise data warehouse or integration, but do want a comprehensive service to handle the backup and recovery of their Salesforce data. They just want something that works, without having to bother with monitoring, management, or training.


While Salesforce does have the ability to backup and recover your data, they recommend having your own local backup so that you can recover it instead of relying on their recovery process, which can be extremely time and resource consuming. In addition, relying on their backup might not be fully compliant with industry standards. Several solution providers take a daily snapshot of your Salesforce data, but this can be unreliable in attempting to copy all the data every time. If you’re using one of these providers, you might be surprised to find out what doesn’t actually get backed up.


  • Salesforce Data Recovery Service costs a minimum of $10,000 USD per recovery
  • Recovery is completed by manually importing data back into Salesforce and can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete
  • Data deleted more than 90 days ago is not recoverable
  • Within Salesforce, you can dump a .CSV file of your data, but this kind of backup is not acceptable to most companies because it cannot be easily used for Business Continuity and full recovery


To avoid recovery fees and be able to recover your data whenever needed, Sesame Software is offering Relational Junction Cloud Backup. This service provides a complete set of tools that allow you to backup your data and fully recover from any data loss. Your data is backed up throughout the day, all day, and is always available for fast point-in-time, granular restoration whenever needed. Relational Junction enables recovery of any field, in any record, to any point in time, including the option of a complete data restore. Recovery is literally a one-button process. Dial our Professional Services team, who will perform the recovery for you — professionally, expeditiously, and without you having to worry about learning something new in a moment of crisis. There is nothing for you to monitor or learn. We do everything!


  • Replication speeds of over 125,000 records per minute
  • 10 times as fast as Salesforce Bulk API
  • Not single threaded


  • Unlimited scalability
  • Backups restart automatically in the event of a failure
  • Can handle over 150 million records in a single object
  • Enhanced feature on-premise solution available


  • Incremental backup, not snapshot-oriented full backup
  • 1 API call per 1,000 records


  • Handles parent-child and recursive relationships
  • Single- or multi-record recovery
  • Over 12 technology patents issued or pending


  • Web user interface available with dashboards
  • Permission-based for all functionality
  • Reports available showing records added, updated, and deleted per object, per day


  • Recover any records, even deleted records, any fields, to any point in time
  • Assistance for data recovery included 24x7x365
  • All US based support staff


  • Ability to recover any field to any point in historical time
  • Complete compliance and audit trail for all updated records
  • Does not need to have multiple full backup versions to restore to any point in historical time
  • Data stored in secure relational database, not flat files
  • All versions of all records are backed up historically, even deleted items


  • SEC
  • FDA
  • HHS Health Insurance
  • EU, UK Data Commissioner
  • Public US Companies: Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Medical: HIPPA and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Securities: SEC Rule 17A
  • Europe: Data Protection Act

Salesforce Data Loss Can Happen to You...

There are measures you can take to prevent the unthinkable from happening – the unthinkable being your lost, damaged or deleted data. Here are a few instances in which cloud data can become lost data:

  • User Error
  • Malicious end-user activity
  • Accidental deletion
  • Misuse of vendor tools
  • Natural disaster
  • Third-party integrations
  • Viruses or ransomware

Recovery solutions typically provide you with text files of your data, making the actual recovery your problem to solve. Sesame Software is here to provide you with a better option. We will perform an incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record so that we can recover any data back to any point in time. Only new and changed records are copied after the initial backup, so it’s very efficient.

Sesame Software’s U.S.-based professional services team monitors the backups and is available 7x24x365 to perform recovery of all or part of your data. They can recover individual fields on individual records to any point in time since the backups were started. The recovery can be as granular or as comprehensive as you need. All backups are audited on a weekly basis, and you are provided a daily report of records copied per Salesforce object.

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