Sesame Software has focused on data integration, data replication and automated data warehouses for over 12 years. During this time, we have learned a lot about reliability, scalability, performance, and automation. For instance, our Salesforce data replication product is 100 times faster than it was originally, and can reliably handle terabytes of Salesforce data.

The knowledge that is embodied in our replication products is protected by United States patents. There are three patents currently awarded and twelve more in the application phase for data replication, data integration, and data visualization techniques. Sesame Software vigorously protects its intellectual property.

Method of Integrating Remote Databases by Automated Client Scoping of Update Requests

February 21, 2012

United States Patent 8,122,040 yields a major competitive advantage for Sesame Software’s Relational Junction replication and data warehouse offerings, which includes products for Salesforce, NetSuite and QuickBooks. Among the vendors offering replication and integration tools, only Relational Junction effectively replicate massive amounts of data for integration and analysis with other corporate data and for data backup to meet regulatory compliance mandated in a variety of industries.

This patent describes a scalability technique that breaks down the replication process into smaller data sets by ranges of time stamps in the source data. This allows Relational Junction replication products to copy unlimited data sets by breaking them into discreet ranges and checkpointing the results for restartability. The time ranges are variable length, depending on how much data is queried in the previous time range, and adjusted to prevent attempting to download too much in any one interval. This prevents timeouts from the SaaS data source and also makes the process restartable at the point of failure rather than having to repeatedly truncate and reload a database table when failures occur.

Sesame Software’s patented technique of segmenting data by variable date ranges means that our Relational Junction for Salesforce and Relational Junction for NetSuite products are the only data replication products that can effectively handle tens of millions of records. Some of Sesame Software’s customers have up to half a terabyte of data in the cloud, and we are able to load it to the on-premise database despite numerous timeouts and restarts required during the initial load.


Data Replication of Related Records to SaaS Data Sources

February 12, 2013

United States Patent 8,375,010 provides a way for Sesame Software’s Relational Junction replication offerings to create related records in Salesforce, NetSuite, and QuickBooks in one pass, keeping the child records pointing to the parents as new parents are created in the SaaS system. This technique allows a user of the system to create new parent-child records with temporary keys in the relationship fields. As the new parent records are created in the SaaS system during replication, the replication process is notified of the new key generated by the SaaS application. The replication process updates the local database with this key. Database triggers generated ahead of time are knowledgeable of the relationships in the data model, and look for related record with the old key, updating the key values where found.


Method for Generating Indexes for Downloading Data

June 3, 2014

United States Patent 8,745,029 provides a method for generating indexes for downloading data. This is essential to performance of the database triggers referenced in patent 8,375,010, “Data replication of related records to SaaS Data Sources”, and also boosts performance of reports and other operations that join tables.

Relational Junction provides an on-premise replicated database for SaaS data sources. The metadata provided by a mature SaaS API such as enables the product to interrogate the relationship structure, and create a database schema with performance indexes on the relationship fields. The automation of this index creation is what sets Relational Junction apart from other vendor offerings in providing a fully indexed warehouse.