Rick Banister, CEO and Founder

Rick Banister has developed application systems for 40 years in his roles as a product architect, software developer, systems integrator,  database analyst, and C-level executive. His extensive experience in application development includes Java and Oracle programming, database design, implementation and tuning. He is a leading expert in Database ETL, CRM implementation, Quality Assurance, and Product Improvement processes, and the inventor of one of the first web-based issue tracking products.

Rick formed Sesame Software in 1988 as a professional services organization. Over the course of the following fifteen years, he authored a wide array of data warehouse and application integrations for major Silicon Valley clients including Lifescan, Cisco, Covad Communications, and Business Objects. He developed the Relational Junction product suite in 2004 to meet the market demand for Enterprise Application Integration and Data Warehouse products that can be learned in hours instead of weeks and fully automate the warehouse creation. Rick is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He holds a Master’s degree from San Diego State University. He has been awarded four patents for data integration technology used in the Relational Junction products. Rick is currently co-authoring a college textbook on the art of data warehouse building and and application integration.

Howard Vogel, Chief Partner Officer

Howard Vogel joined Sesame Software in 2017 to expand Sesame Software and the Relational Junction product suite through alliances with software vendors and system integrators. Customers of those partners benefit from integration, data warehouse, and data compliance, and appreciate the ease and reliability of implementation. Our product partners also appreciate how Sesame Software's products can reduce time to market of partner sales through automation of the data warehouse creation process, eliminating months of design and integration work.

William Dubberley, Chief Technical Officer

William Dubberley joined Sesame Software in 2008 as a product developer. He now manages our entire Product Development team, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, and Sales Engineering. William has developed and supported ETL and Relational Junction for Salesforce products, and is a co-inventor of ten patents filed for technology used in our products. William served 2 tours in Iraq while in the Army where he developed database systems for the army as well as producing intelligence reports.

Crystal Duarte, Chief Marketing Officer

Crystal Duarte joined Sesame Software in 2012. She is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including management of outbound communications, social media, PR/Media Outreach, industry webinars, trade show planning and on-site execution, website content and branding. Crystal produces monthly PR releases combined with outbound email campaigns and website content, partnering with staff in subject matter selection, writing and editing of content. She also manages the redesign of the Relational Junction user experience.

Robert Luke, VP of Business Development

Robert Luke joined Sesame Software in 2018 and manages our direct sales team. He also has personal responsibility for his own major accounts. Robert has over 25 years experience selling technology into most of the Fortune 500 companies in North America. He has taken teams to top in the country and won the Presidential sales award 4 years in a row. Robert has been a guest speaker on relationship sales for major companies like CA, and IBM. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a BCIS degree.

Scott O'Dell, Director of Support and Sales Engineering

Scott joined Sesame Software’s Customer Support team in 2012, and currently manages our U.S.-based team of support analysts in providing on-boarding, upgrade, and problem resolution services and quality assurance. He works directly with our software development team to improve or correct issues that are reported by customers. He also provides sales engineering support to the sales team.

Thomas Hawkes, Director of Client Services

Tom Hawkes manages Sesame Software’s Client Services team, which includes building custom integrations for and NetSuite. Tom has 40 years of experience in ETL technology, data analysis, data modeling, relational database design, process analysis, and application design. Tom is an expert data modeler who has developed and taught data modeling methodologies dating back to the 1980’s at Bank of America. He has successfully led Data Warehouse efforts for Bank of America, Fireman’s Fund, American Airlines, Teradata, Apple Computer, Quantum, Blue Shield, and Sony Pictures. Tom is currently co-authoring a college textbook on the art of data warehouse building and and application integration.