March 5, 2017 Rick Banister

Can changes in the Salesforce metadata (new / deleted fields and new / deleted objects) be handled on backup, where the target database is based on the former metadata structure?

Yes, the product automatically adds new objects and fields, and keeps old objects and fields that are removed from Salesforce until you specifically request that they be dropped from the database. The only non-automated process is if you change data types in Salesforce, in which the database was originally a number or a date. In that case, you would get a warning message every time a job runs on that object telling you what field didn’t match. If there was every any actual data that couldn’t be copied, the job would fail and let you know that you have to make a decision to drop and re-add the column with the correct data type, using the following command:

RJ4Salesforce -config [config name] -dropColumnForce [object name] [field name]

This is not automated because you might want to preserve or even recover the old data, since Salesforce drops and re-adds the field, leading to possible loss of data.