Yes. The relationship fields are stored in the database. When records are restored, the relationship fields are updated for all the child records as the parent records get new Salesforce ID’s. This is a patented process that allows one-pass restore of related data, including recursive relationships. Contact.AccountID –> Account.ID Contact.ReportsToID
There is no limit. We have customers with terabytes of data. Relational Junction uses patented and patent-pending technology to limit queries to manageable sizes, preventing fatal timeouts and staying within limits of the Salesforce API. Performance of the product is an order of magnitude faster than the Salesforce Bulk API
Yes. Content Version can also be backed up and restore, within reasonable limitations of your hardware to store the entire record in memory.
Yes. Your database must be defined with a UTF-8 compliant character set for this to work properly.
Yes. You would need to have Salesforce turn on the “Preserve Audit Fields” option to keep CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate as they were.