February 13, 2017 Rick Banister

Sesame Software Launches Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution for Salesforce

A Message from CEO and Founder Rick Banister

I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that Cloud backup services for applications such as Salesforce.com have become a new solution category. Our customers have been backing up and recovering their Salesforce data for twelve years now with Relational Junction for Salesforce using their own internal servers. This has given them the ability to handle not only their data compliance issues, but to use that data for reporting and as a data integration hub. They don’t necessarily want their private data housed in someone else’s data center, after years of arguing with internal auditors about letting Salesforce.com host their application data.

That is changing. There is major demand for a comprehensive service to handle just the backup and recovery of Salesforce.com data. Existing solution providers do a daily snapshot, which can be unreliable as it doesn’t cover new data lost mid-day. Recovery solutions are typically roll-your-own, user-based recovery that simply provide you with text files of your data. We’re here to provide you with another option!

As of today, Sesame Software is now offering a Cloud Backup and Recovery service for Salesforce.com customers, using Relational Junction for Salesforce as the underlying technology. Sesame Software will perform a time-based incremental backup of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keep every version of every record so that we can recover any data back to any point in time. It’s literally a one-button recovery, and Sesame’s Professional Services team will perform the recovery for you — professionally, expeditiously, and without you having to worry about learning something new in a moment of crisis.

To learn more, contact us directly and request “Salesforce Cloud Backup Recovery” as the Product Interest.