Nearly all of our customers using on-premise deployment request and are provided a 2-week trial in which to kick the tires. The product is installed on a webinar with our support staff assisting, and you will get relevant training on the spot. There is no trial for the Cloud deployment.
You can be up and running within 30 minutes. For the on-premise deployment, you’ll need a computer with 16GB RAM and a 4-core processor, either Windows or UNIX, a UTF-8 character set database The cloud deployment option is set up within hours of signing a contract.
The product will send you a daily log showing the records copied per object and whether added, updated, and deleted. There are also reject logs if record-level errors happen. You have access to these logs in the on-premise deployment option.
Yes, both cloud and/or on-premise backup storage options are offered. We have the ONLY product that offers both on-premise and Cloud deployment for backup and recovery. There is no surcharge for Cloud storage.
For the transport of data between SFDC and storage location, the Salesforce Partner API uses SSL and is approved by We are a certified product, and have been since 2005. There are many DBMS’s that offer SSL SQL connections. For data at rest, if you chose the on-premise deployment,