Silicon Valley Integration Meetups

August 2, 2016 Rick Banister

Silicon Valley Integration Meetups

Tom Hawkes

Sesame Software hosted a series of Data Integration Meetups events in Sunnyvale during 2015 and 2016, which were organized by Patrick Reilly, a patent attorney and intellectual propety expert. Local data architects and data integrators attended monthly dinners at the Turmeric Indian restaurant, socialized, and joined in educational seminars on the topics of Data Integration and Data Warehouses. What we learned from these seminars is presented on our White Papers page, where you can learn all about the history and trends of these topics. Tom Hawkes and Rick Banister led most of the presentations.

Guest speakers included:

  • Ben Halpern, Sesame’s developer of the Visual Junction data analytics product
  • Cliff Hawkes, member of Sesame’s Professional Services team
  • Chai Pydimukkala, Senior Director of Product Management and Product Strategy at Oracle
  • Mark Herring, an Independent marketing thought leader and startup advisor
  • Hermioni Zouridis, PhD, a bioinformaticist
  • Joshua Meiri, a Silicon Valley expert in ETL and data warehousing