Sesame Software hosted two Cloud Data Compliance seminars in New York during 2016, at which 30 to 60 IT professionals learned about the special compliance needs for data in the Financial and Healthcare industries, and our offerings for Salesforce backup and recovery. We served dinner and drinks at The Capital
Sesame Software visited London, New York, Toronto, Boston, and Chicago in 2016, hosting booths at Salesforce World Tour and Gartner events. The Salesforce Bear In Boston   Liz Dubberley in New York Rick Banister, Liz Dubberley, Erik Broms in Chicago finally put a lid on registrations at 150,000. Hotels are sold out the first day of group registrations. Our CEO, Rick Banister, accidentally meets Marc Benioff in person on Third Street after the final day, and is so stunned by the experience that he’s almost hit by a bus 10
Sesame Software hosted a series of Data Integration Meetups events in Sunnyvale during 2015 and 2016, which were organized by Patrick Reilly, a patent attorney and intellectual propety expert. Local data architects and data integrators attended monthly dinners at the Turmeric Indian restaurant, socialized, and joined in educational seminars on