2014 was an especially heavy year for travel, as Sesame Software experimented with a wide variety of trade show venues. We visited Salesforce.com and Gartner events in New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, and Washington D.C.
Dreamforce 2014 was the largest software event ever. More than 135,000 people attended Salesforce.com's 12th annual Dreamforce conference and more than three million people joined online. We end the year with 159 direct customers, plus over 80 OEM customers through partners. William Dubberley, Liz Dubberley, Crystal Duarte
Sesame Software was awarded United States Patent 8,745,029 This provides a method for generating indexes for downloading data. This is essential to performance of the database triggers referenced in patent 8,375,010, “Data replication of related records to SaaS Data Sources”, and also boosts performance of reports and other operations that