More than 120,000 people attended’s 11th annual Dreamforce conference. Visionary leaders including Marc Benioff, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg were the featured keynote speakers. We end the year with 137 customers and 23 employees.
Sesame Software released Relational Junction ETL Manager 5.0 today, announcing many new product features for this ETL platform, including multi-tenant operation, background submission of jobs, an entirely redesigned user interface, and the ability to add new data sources with custom adaptors.
Sesame Software released Relational Junction for Salesforce 5.3 today, announcing massive parallel bi-directional replication. Results of this major upgrade are the ability to copy one million records in ten minutes, either from or to This performance is even better than’s Bulk API, and not subject to the volume
Sesame Software announced that the company has been awarded United States Patent 8,375,010. The patented technique provides a way for Sesame Software’s Relational Junction replication offerings to create related records in, NetSuite, and QuickBooks in a one-pass operation, keeping the child records pointing to the parents as new parents