February 21, 2012 Rick Banister

Sesame Software Awarded Patent for High Volume Data Replication

Sesame Software announced that the company has been awarded United States Patent 8,122,040. The patent award yields a major competitive advantage for Sesame Software’s Relational Junction replication and data warehouse offering which includes products for Salesforce®, NetSuite® and QuickBooks®. Among the vendors offering replication and integration tools, only Relational Junction can effectively replicate massive amounts of data for integration and analysis with other corporate data and for data backup to meet regulatory compliance which is mandated in a variety of industries.

According to Sesame CEO, Rick Banister, “Sesame Software’s patented technique of segmenting data by variable date ranges means, for example, our Relational Junction for Salesforce product is the only data replication product that can effectively handle millions of records.”